• Bosc de Ribera Restaurant
  • Delta de l’Ebre Pont Penjant Amposta
  • Delta de l’Ebre el Riu Ebre
Menus Diaris i Caps de Setmana

Daily and Weekend Menus

All types of menus: Daily, for weekends, Company, family events, Convencions…All of them made with care and always thinking of the customer's pocket.



La Carta del Restaurant

The restaurant

A letter made with great enthusiasm, thinking of you each and every, customers come to our house. Una amplia gama d’amanides, hot and cold starters, carns, fish… and a variety typical of rice from the Ebro Delta, with a special touch of the House.

Jornades Gastronòmiques


The kitchen and the process they follow certain recipes are a feature that identifies each region. Certain months of the year thanks to the gastronomic Terres de l'Ebre Many people take center stage the Ebro.


Recent Work