2014. The Festival Market Square 1908

A decked Amposta years to participate in Fiesta Market on the Plaza, and as the restaurant of the population and also adorning our surroundings with new dishes and letters menus set in that era.

Remove cabinets buried clay pot, spoons whip, morterets of garlic and other items that grandparents used to cook the typical dishes of the area over the years we 1908. Plats com Cod with chickpeas, Tomato, tuna and black olive tapenade, torrada d’escalivada amb «Sardina de Casco», Xapadillo eel, arròs exception, «Clotxa» de Sardina de Casco, Cuttlefish with Beans, Napicol xivibia eggs and Tencent vinaigrette Modena, this and many other dishes that are all participating chefs will prepare this feast for every visitor to this event, disfresats that period or can not re-live scenes of the time.

We encourage you to come and enjoy this wonderful celebration.

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