A letter made with great enthusiasm, thinking with every customers coming to our house. A wide range of cold starters and salads, diversity typical of rice from the Ebro Delta with a special touch of the House, Grilled meat and fish, and variety of traditional local stews, some of our dishes as: fish stew Sant Carles de la Rapita, written with white beans and clams, cod with artichoke and egg star… As for meat… Delta Duck reduction of coffee or just grilled… And how can it be otherwise sweetly with just desserts in the area as blancmange with cinnamon, Catalan cream… or one of those desserts that we prepared Grandma!!! All accompanied with wines D.O. Terra Alta, D.O. Montsant…and not forgetting the popular rice liquor Ebro Delta.

Ice Cream Starters

House Salad Verda (V)

(Lettuce, Tomato, Corn, Carlota, Soybeans, Ou dur i Olives)

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

(Lettuce, Goat Cheese, Bacó, Croutons and Strawberry Vinaigrette)

«Xatonada» Bosc de Ribera

(Lettuce, Tuna, Or hard, Black olives and Romesco Sauce)

Pasta Salad

(Lettuce, Colored pasta, Corn, Pernil dolç, Ou dur i Salsa Rosa)

Salad Jacket (V)

(Lettuce, Tomato, Albergínia, Roasted peppers, Boiled egg and black olive tapenade)

Smoked Salmon carpaccio with shavings Apple, Walnuts and Mustard Vinaigrette (V)

Carpaccio of cod with tomato and black olive tapenade (V)

Assortments and Toast

Shavings of ham from Teruel toast and tomato

Assorted cold cuts and cheese toast and tomato

Torrada Tèbia “Chabeica»

(Tomato, Xampinyons laminats, bacó i Formatge Brie fos)

Torrada House Special

(Tomato, Bacó, Loin and cheese)

Vegetable Toast (V)

(Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Rodanxes of natural Tomàquet, Tonyina i Ou dur)

Salmon and Vegetable Cheese Toast (V)

(Cheese, Lettuce, Rodanxes of natural Tomàquet, Salmó Fumat i Ou dur rallat)

Roasted aubergine (Tonyina o Anxoves o Bacallà)

SG Dishes Suitable for coeliacs. V Dishes suitable for vegetarians.

Hot Starters

Fried Squid with Lemon

Homemade Cod Fritters

Squid and Beans Casserole with clams

Homemade Squid

Sliced ​​Squid with Aioli and Potato Gratin

Anelles of Ceba

Pot of mussels

Mariscada “Bosc de Ribera»

Grilled Vegetables (V)


Homemade Breaded Cannelloni with Cheese Sauce Light

Fideuada Delta (minimum 2 people)

Rice in the Ebro Delta (minimum 2 people)

Black Rice with Squid and Clams

Pan of rice with squid and Galeras

Honeyed Rice with Fresh Bacon, Assorted Mushrooms and Sausage

Rice with Squid, Rap and Vegetables of the Garden

Rice "Seiji" galleys, Eel Delta and dice Sepia

Paella Delta

Rice with White Beans, Col i Cansalada Fresh

Lobster Stew, Rap, Rice and Cuttlefish cubes

Wild Rice with Assorted Mushrooms, Garden vegetables and Nuts (V)

Grilled meat


Grilled Beef with Aioli



Mixed Skewers




Grilled fish



Tuna medallions with foie and Straw Potatoes






Grilled Vegetables



All Pebre fl

Patates Fregides




Come try our Chef's Suggestions Riparian Forest


Carpaccio of Natural Fruita (V)

Cereal and yogurt with jam

Yoghurt with jam (V)

Homemade Egg Custard

Chocolate Crepe with vanilla ice cream and chocolate

Past Casola of Xocolata Blanca

Past Casola of Xocolata Black

Cup of Ice

Cup of Lemon Sorbet (Fridge)

Cup Xocolata (Fridge)

Pasties Fred Viennetta (Fridge)