Menu Rice of the Ebro Delta

Special Menu Arroz del Delta del Ebro

salad Xatonada

(Lettuce, Tuna, Diced Cod, anchovies, Or hard, Romesco Sauce and Black Olives)

Openings of homemade Cod Fritters

Casserole of squid and clams in beans

Then you must choose (minimum 2 people)…

Black Rice with Squid, squid and clams

Rice casserole with squids and Galeras

Honeyed Rice with Fresh Bacon, Assorted Mushrooms and Sausage ragged

Rice with Squid, Rap and garden vegetables

Paella Delta

and finally gently…

Home made desserts


1/4l. Vi of the D.O House. Terra Alta

0'5l of natural water or homemade 0'5l

Ration bread.


Price per person 20’00 € (VAT)


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