Som de l’Ebre,

Sin, This is us!!!

Som la familia Sanchez Llombart, a small family that has lived always Amposta populations, all vell me part Ebro Delta, humble and hardworking. A family known by the people because at work desempenyavem. You have a family que not we were going to bars and restaurant when he had something very important to celebrate, we never thought we devote to bite anything outside the family business, until not long ago and currently, the construction was still trying to think of what u get..

Part of the Young family was devoted to family business. While the other party, very young with the world combined school of Hospitality. Working fro. A few years, Mother said: ….»Filla meva, studies, estudia que et será de molta ajuda».. and it was!

Exterior restaurant2 As we were going and we won with academic training experience, emerged in 2006 the possibility of buying a place in the playground. Thefamily decided to make an effort and we were involved in buying it.

The idea was allowed to place a brewery there, cafeteria, a Bocateria ... but things did not go well.

During the construction and assembly of business, enthusiasts in the hospitality we went to study at the School of Hotel Cambrils. The product looks 4 years of studies associated with the experience of previous years and the dedication from the tiny kitchen we got this wonder that today we.

Café-Restaurant Riparian Forest, This is how we allowed to place him!!!

A small restaurant, familiar, cozy ... in the middle of the playground (que actualment degut a la crisis ja no existeix), The Tosses located in the industrial city of Amposta. City known for Festivals, Capllaçats the Bulls and embolats, The Gastronomic rice and Gastronomic the Carxofa, The Suspension Bridge and how, to be in the middle of the Ebro Delta

We opened 26 of July 2011, himself in the middle of the crisis ... and eager to provide a welcoming place for entrepreneurs and workers who remain; as well as film enstusiastes, bowling, Music… everyone who comes to the rest of the nearby regions to enjoy the playground.

bou capllasat anguiles 2

Our cuisine is traditional, the typical cuisine of the Ebro Delta

La cuina de les àvies, la cuina que els nostres avantpassats s’emportaven amb Tuperware o «fiambrera» per a treballar als camps de l’arròs; But yes, with a twist, special, different and "full plate".

With specialized Delta typical rice and the way of thinking:

Because delta area where there is rice in cabaçades, is so expensive to eat a restaurant??????