This building was purchased in 2006 and took four years until it emerged that nowadays.Exterior restaurant

A local minimalist look on two floors. With a capacity of 100 guests, but divided into two rooms or dining rooms. Although the restaurant has large windows giving a pleasant view of the pool terrrasa, as well as the parking of vehicles and the square of the multiplex, that are located in front of the local.

Saló Privat
The above is more private living, it is found in the section passing people and more inaccessible to the eye of customers walking through leisure complex. used as a meeting room, to hold private events, Business meetings, farewells Singles, Family birthdays…. During the summer this room is closed to the passage of people, as the predominant terrace restaurant.

To access the downstairs dining room or the other _MG_5097stairs are fully furnished with exclusive products of the earth. Professional hands that shaped the Terres de l'Ebre way that brings us closer to her.

The main dining room below or found as much had entered the local. It is found to the right of the entrance and is separated by the stairs that lead to the dining room and kitchen above. Appearance of a room is larger, but has a capacity about equal to the above 50 guests.

Menjador PrincipalOn the left of the entrance we find a café or bar. Recollidet, little bit with people but with much warmth.

These three areas are forming and caracteritcen home. But we should not give much importance to the restaurant there, if not what is inside the food. The every day our chef cooking for venvinguts.