Gastronomic Artichoke

This year, although we have not been actively involved with Gastronomic Artichoke the city of’Amposta, along with the rest of the restaurant ; Yes we developed and offered dishes crowds with this product.

Our guests for the price of the menu of the day (10€) daily delights could have many dishes as artichoke intruduït who does not want the story, to introduce everyone to know that it is not necessary kitchen product to eat it; unless of course he knows that this may end up being a wonderful cuisine dish of artichoke.

Our dishes among other hen was:

. Stew of beans with written, artichoke and egg star

. A thousand sheets of Artichoke, Xampinyons, Bacchus i Ous enmascarats

. Veal escalope with Bunyolets Artichoke and Potato Chips

. Toast sautéed spinach with onion, Artichoke, oh i Patata Palla

. Owl Casserole with Beans, Daus of Carxofa Or i stardom

. Monkfish Medallions with Sauteed Beans and Artichoke nest

. Sauteed with onion casserole hail and Artichoke

. Pasta with Artichoke sexats, Bacon, Priming, Assorted Mushrooms and Sausage ragged

. Codornius casserole with artichokes and mushrooms in brine

. Hail casserole with clams, Beans and Artichokes

. Melon with Artichoke Rice, Bacon, Algae confitada, Assorted mushrooms and onion sausage ragged

. Casserole Artichoke and Chickpea stew with cod

. Sautéed Assorted garden vegetables with ham from Teruel and dripping balsamic vinegar

. Diced Casserole Meatballs with Cuttlefish and Artichokes

. Wild rice sautéed with bacon, Xampinyons, Algae confitada, Artichoke and Olive Oil Nuts

. Fricando of Vedella amb Carxofa, Sautéed mushrooms and white rice

. Green beans sautéed with artichoke and ham from Teruel


We could say many dishes and recipes, but here we are left.

The beautiful photography would be allowed to place a meal to enjoy them visually, But our proposal is the attempt to make everyone in your house and send us your photograph.

If you need help please let us know so that we can help in any way they. Send us an email to and we will help!!!!

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